Alana Davis - Lullaby

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at night as we lay down to sleep i wonder what you`ll show me
i think of you and the thoughts that you keep
and i wonder do you know me
everything that i have is broken in two, everything that i am revolves around you
and you just don`t understand what a girl goes through
everyone believes in something though they give it different name
you can search the world for that one thing but it`s all the same
lay your body down, come and let me bring your body down
listen to my voice, the only sound
as i lullaby you, lullaby you down
as the moon rides away from the sun she takes all his light and reflects it
i relate them to us just for fun
there`s a parallel that`s unexpected
every star in the sky reminds me of you
twinkling in my eyes the way that you do
and i don`t know why i get so blue
everyday is filled with changes no matter where you go
living in a world of strangers
so we go for what we know
lay your body down...
everyone believes in something but it`s all the same
i got you to keep going me going
so i guess i can`t complain
lay you body down...

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