Albert Collins - Iceman

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i'm your iceman, baby, ain't here to cool you down
yes i'm your iceman, ladies, you'll always know when i'm around
i left leona, texas, to heat this coolest place in town
gonna play this old guitar, mix up some fire with my ice
yes, i'm gonna play this old guitar, light your fire with my ice
sometimes it sounds so good to me, i just might play it twice
i'm your iceman, baby, call me al, if you please
i'm your iceman, baby, i'm so hot i'll probably freeze
i'm gonna whip up a twister, turn tornados to a breeze
yes, i'm your iceman, baby
yes, i'm your iceman, people, fixin' fire with my ice
i'm your iceman, ladies, i make it hot an' chill it right
if you follow my instructions, my ice will last all night

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