Albert One - Turbo Diesel

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turbo diesel... turbo diesel...

bugatti - i saw you in a dream,
volvo - you're running hot like steam,
subaru - you start off like an arrow,
volkswagen - you never gave me sorrow...

sitting at the wheel,
my tires burn to squeal,
i know that i will soon be,
a hero in the grand prix...

saturday night - i win at le mans,
risking my life - i wave to my fans,
morning collides - champagne on ice,
now i'm a star - driving my car...

ferrari - the fastest on the street,
rover - you are my everything,
bentley - a coffin for a king,
mercedes - so classic and so chic...

i drive without emotion,
i calculate each curve,
i know that i will soon,
a hero in the grand prix...

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