Distinct Nature - Summer Love

Distinct Nature - Summer Love mp3 indir

see what i'm saying i ain't playing with you girl, you got me steady going and you know it's true oh right, i love to kick it baby, making love to you it feels so right, body so tight
we gonna have some fun tonight, you know i want you lady
summer love got me buzzed, hooked on you, don't know what i'm going do...feels so good when you're around, love the way that it's going down

i'm riding high because you're by my side it's just you and i girl you got me singing my, my, my, my...(do you thang, do you thang), our favorite song is on the radio
d.n. crew pumping beats on your stereo, you know, i wanna be your man
so here's the deal, about to lay it on the line, is it love, is it lust, is it one time! baby girl
you be sweet like divine summer love, what you saying won't you be mine?, let's get it on nasty and naughty, your body over my body, get me locked down like gotti, ya know you working it, pumping it hardy, got me sing soprano, pavarotti when we blazing like johnny so tell me what we going do baby, you look like you're hooked on me, i'm hooked on you go ahead tell me what we goin' do...
talking about that summer love, make me feel so fine, it a go, warm up your heart it a blow your mind, it the highest of highs one of a kind, like a fairy tale it happened once upon a time, i was walking down the beach right pun the shoreline, something in the air set the mood just right, i saw a little cutie to fulfill my appetite, she had it right, right right...

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