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  100 Demons - Hard Surprise   113 - Une Prise   28 Days - Rise Above   2pac - Still I Rise   3rd Root - Rise   A Very Potter Musical - Different As Can Be (Reprise)   Aaron - Rise   Aaron Shust - Risen Today   Abigor - Liberty Rises A Diahonal Flame   Ablaze My Sorrow - Rise Above The Storming Sea   Acroma - Sun Rises Down   Addiction Crew - Shall Rise   Adema - Rise Above   Ahmet Kartal - Oğlan Adın Hürişen   Aiden - The Last Sunrise   Aim For The Sunrise - Breed   Aim For The Sunrise - Golden   Aim For The Sunrise - Rebirth   Akercocke - He Is Risen   Albert King - Blues At Sunrise   Alice Cooper - Sun Arise   Alison Moyet - Rise   All Out War - Arise   Alter Bridge - Rise Today   Amberian Dawn - Sunrise   Amebix - Arise   Amel Larrieux - I Like The Sunrise   Amon Amarth - Gods Of War Arise   Amorphis - Forgotten Sunrise   Anastacia - Overdue Goodbye (Reprise)   Anathema - Eternal Rise Of The Sun   Angel City - Sunrise   Ansoticca - Rise   Antisilence - Racism On The Rise   Any Given Day - Arise   Arafel - The Rise   Arch Enemy - We Will Rise   Arch Of Hell - Rise To The Victory   Archetype - Arisen   Archive - Rise   Arif Sağ - Çirişe Gitmezdim Anam Yolladı   Arise - A Godly Work Of Art   Arise - A New World   Arise - Abducted Intelligence   Arise - Adrenaline Rush   Arise - Another World To Consume   Arise - Blindead   Arise - Broken Trust   Arise - Cellbound   Arise - Corroded   Arise - Dead Silence   Arise - Delusion Of Life   Arise - Dreams Worthy Gods   Arise - End Of Days   Arise - Expendable Heroes   Arise - Generations For Sale   Arise - Hate Rush   Arise - How Long Can You Pretend?   Arise - Inject The Machine   Arise - King Of Yesterday, Slave Of Today   Arise - Kings Of A Cloned Generation   Arise - Master Of Gravity   Arise - Misery   Arise - No Memory Of Light   Arise - Nuclear Ray Infected   Arise - Of Life And Death   Arise - Pitch Black   Arise - Profit From The Weak   Arise - Reclaiming The Soul   Arise - Stains Of Blood   Arise - Stick To The Line   Arise - Strangled Love   Arise - The Fury   Arise - The Reckoning   Arise - They Are Coming For You   Arise - Tribute To The Flesh   Arise - Wasted Life   Arise - Way Above Life   Arise - Within   Arise - Wounds   Arise And Ruin - Always The Same   Arise And Ruin - Amidst Devils   Arise And Ruin - Bound By Blood   Arise And Ruin - End Of The Road   Arise And Ruin - Fear Itself   Arise And Ruin - In Life   Arise And Ruin - Pale Horse   Arise And Ruin - The Final Dawn   Arise And Ruin - To The Grind   Arise And Ruin - Unbound   Arkaea - Rise Today   Arkaik - Risen   Artizan - Rise   Ashengrace - Lament (Reprise)   Ashes Of Many - Rise Up   Aşık Daimi - Bulmak İsterisen Eğer Didarı   Asking Alexandria - Rise Up   Astarte - Rise From Within I (Mystical Provocation)   Astarte - Rise From Within Iii   Astarte - Risen From Within   Astarte - The Rise Of Metropolis   Astrofaes - And Winter Will Rise...   At The Throne Of Judgment - Horus Rises   At Vance - Rise From The Fall   Atmosphere - Godlovesugly Reprise   Atrocity - Todessehnsucht (Reprise)   Azure Ray - Rise   B.B. King - Blues Before Sunrise   B.O.B. - Suprise Me   Behemoth - Rise Of The Blackstorm Of Evil   Billy Joel - Surprises   Black Omen - When The Sun Rises   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Rise Or Fall   Blind Guardian - My Last Sunrise (Ft. Iced Earth)   Blue - All Rise   Brenda Lee - Sunday Sunrise   Brian Wilson - Lucky Old Sun Reprise   Bright Eyes - Sunrise, Sunset   Busta Rhymes - Everybody Rise Again   Byfrost - May The Dead Rise   Bywar - Killing The Pharisee   Çağatay Akman - Bizim Hikaye (Zafer Erişen Remix) Dinle   Çağatay Akman - Gece Gölgenin Rahatına Bak (Zafer Erişen Remix) Dinle   Caprise - Gel Desen Yarim   Celine Dion - Surprise Surprise   Cenk Çetin - Rise Up   Construcdead - Rise   Cradle Of Filth - Rise Of The Pentagram   Cradle Of Filth - The Black Goddess Rises   Craig David - Rise And Fall   David Bowie - Sweet Thing (Reprise)   Dead By Sunrise - Crawl Back In   Dead By Sunrise - In The Darkness   Dead By Sunrise - Let Down   Dead By Sunrise - My Suffering   Deeprise - Raf   Deva Premal - Sunrise Dinle   Dio - Lord Of The Last Day - Reprise   Dio - Magica - Reprise   Disturbed - Rise   Don Davis - Surprise Dinle   Don Davis - Ustao (Risen) Dinle   Don Moen - Arise   Drowning Pool - Rise Up   E-40 - ın The Element Of Surprise Album   E-40 - The Element Of Surprise   Eagles - Tequila Sunrise   Ebony Tears - Erised   Echoing Angels - Rise Up   Eddie Vedder - Rise   Edenbridge - Sunrise In Eden   Edguy - Rise Of The Morning Glory   Edguy - Until We Rise Again   Element - Rise Dinle   Emre Baransel - Erişebilmek İçin   Enigma - Sadeness (Reprise)   Erzurum Yöresi Türküleri - Çirişe Gitmezdim Anam Yolladı   Falco - Krise   Fear Factory - Arise Above Oppression   Fear Factory - Dog Day Sunrise   Fireflight - Rise Above   Flyleaf - Arise   Freedom Call - Rise Up   G Love - Rise Abov   George Michael - Waiting (Reprise)   Gnarls Barkley - Surprise   Greg Brown - Beatniks Gonna Rise Again   Helloween - Rise And Fall   Hillsong United - Arise   Hillsong United - Rise   Hundredth - Rise   I Rise - And Day Were Longer   I Rise - Bleak, Blacked, & Fake   I Rise - D1   I Rise - Like Dynamite   I Rise - Longest Five Miles   I Rise - May 18th   I Rise - No Trade Backs   I Rise - Paperweight   I Rise - Photo Album   Integrity - Rise   Jack Ketch - Rise Of The New Order   Jackson Browne - Doolin-Dalton (Reprise)   Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Krise   Jedi Mind Tricks - Rise of the Machines   Jennifer Knapp - Reprise   Jessi Colter - The Phoenix Rises   Jessi Colter - You Took Me By Surprise   Jo Dee Messina - Delicious Surprise   John Denver - African Sunrise   John Kay - Rise and Shine   John Michael Montgomery - Nothing Catches Jesus By Surprise   John Miles - Reprise   Johnny Tillotson - I Rise I Fall   Jupiter Sunrise - Arthur Nix   Jupiter Sunrise - Badge Of Honor   Jupiter Sunrise - Casey   Jupiter Sunrise - Cherry Wine   Jupiter Sunrise - Heaven And Endless   Jupiter Sunrise - Kaye   Jupiter Sunrise - Master Suzuki   Jupiter Sunrise - September Girl   Jupiter Sunrise - Steal Me   Jupiter Sunrise - Suddenly   Jupiter Sunrise - This Beauty   Justifide - Arise   K-OS - Rise Like The Sun   Kalmah - Arise   Kamelot - Rise Again   Kari Jobe - Rise   Kartikeya - Arise   Kasabian - Sun Rise Light Flies   Katafalk - Rise Now   Katy Perry - Rise   Kendrick Lamar - Barbed Wire (Feat. Ash Riser)   Kendrick Lamar - Determined (Feat. Ash Riser)   Kiss - Rise To It   Kitchen Knife Conspiracy - Dead By Sunrise   Koldborn - Wicked Arise Divine   Kotipelto - Arise   Krisiun - Rises From Black   Lamb Of God - Again We Rise   Laura Pausini - Every Little Thing You Do (Piano&vocal Reprise)   Leatherwolf - Rise Or Fall   Lecrae - Rise   Longing For Dawn - A Sunrise At Your Feet   Lord Of The Lost - Reprise: Sober   Lunaris - Arise   Madness - The Rise And Fall   Mansun - Comes As No Surprise   Marble Arch - A Million Crises   Maria Mena - It Took Me By Surprise   Mariah Carey - Fly Away Butterfly Reprise   Mark Lanegan - Sunrise   Mark Lanegan - The River Rise   Maylene - Hell On The Rise   Meduza - I Will Rise   Men Without Hats - And The Great Ones Remember (Reprise)   Mephistopheles - Dark Clouds Rise Above The Kingdom   Mercury Rev - Arise   Micheal Learns To Rock - Sweetest Surprise   Mozole Mirach - The Risen One   Mr. Criminal - Watch Me Rise   Muharrem Temiz - Sene Gelirise   Neko Case - Outro With Bees (Reprise)   New Order - Sunrise   Nina Simone - I Like The Sunrise   Norah Jones - Sunrises   Nuclear Assault - Rise From The Ashed   Otep - Rise Rebel Resist   Pantera - Rise   Parabelle - Rise   Pearl Jam - Wasted Reprise   Pink Floyd - Breathe - Reprise   Pro Pain - Death Toll Rises   Radiohead - No Surprises   Rascal Flatts - Sunrise   Richard Marx - Wait For The Sunrise   Rise Against - 1000 Good Intentions   Rise Against - 3 Day Weekend   Rise Against - 401kill   Rise Against - Alive And Well   Rise Against - Architects   Rise Against - Broken Mirrors   Rise Against - Disparity By Design   Rise Against - Endgame   Rise Against - Everchanging   Rise Against - Faint Resemblance   Rise Against - Great Awakening   Rise Against - Help Is On The Way   Rise Against - Lanterns   Rise Against - Midnight Hands   Rise Against - My Life Inside Your Heart   Rise Against - Reception Fades   Rise Against - Remains Of Summer Memories   Rise Against - Satellite   Rise Against - Sometimes Selling Out Is Giving Up   Rise Against - Stained Glass And Marble   Rise Against - Survivor Guilt   Rise Against - The Art Of Losing   Rise Against - This Is Letting Go   Rise Against - Wait For Me   Rise Against - Weight Of Time   Sabaton - Rise Of Evil   Sadus - Arise   Salamandra - Rise   Sammy Hagar - The Rise Of The Animal   Saves The Day - Rise   Scars Of Tomorrow - Will Hell Arise   Schaliach - Sonrise   Screaming Trees - Before We Arise   Seals & Crofts - Sunrise   Secret Garden - A Bit Of Earth-Reprise   See The Light - Rise   Seether - Rise Above This   Semisonic - Surprise   Sepultura - Arise   Sepultura - Arise & Dead Embryonic Cells   Sepultura - Rise Above   Seraphim Shock - Rise & Resist   Seven Nations - Finish Line: Reprise   Seven Nations - The Pound A Week Rise   Seven Nations - This Season Reprise   Seven System - Hope Arises   Sezen Aksu - Kutlama (reprise) Dinle   Sfa - Rise   Shadow Host - Echo Of Sunrise   Shifty - Starry Eyed Surprise   Sieges Even - Rise And Shine   Silverchair - Steam Will Rise   Simply Red - Sunrise   Sinan Öztürk - Eğer Gezerisen Dinle   Skillet - Rise   Slowdive - Morningrise   Smashing Pumpkins - Tonite Reprise   Sonay Tanrısever - Anadoluyum   Sonay Tanrısever - Bir Baska Sevda   Sonay Tanrısever - Bir Harmanim Bu Aksam   Sonay Tanrısever - Filistin Türküsü   Sonay Tanrısever - Gecenin Üçünde   Sonay Tanrısever - Gel Yapma   Sonay Tanrısever - Mum   Sonay Tanrısever - Nereye Gidiyorum   Stratovarius - Will The Sun Rise?   Suidakra - Rise Of Taliesin   Sunrise Avenue - All Because Of You   Sunrise Avenue - Besa   Sunrise Avenue - Choose To Be Me   Sunrise Avenue - Destiny   Sunrise Avenue - Diamonds   Sunrise Avenue - Fairytale Gone Bad   Sunrise Avenue - Forever Yours   Sunrise Avenue - Heal Me   Sunrise Avenue - Into The Blue   Sunrise Avenue - Make It Go Away   Sunrise Avenue - Nasty   Sunrise Avenue - Only   Sunrise Avenue - Romeo   Sunrise Avenue - Sunny Day   Sunrise Avenue - Time Has Come   Sunrise Avenue - Wonderland   Take 5 - Sunrise Goodbye   Tap Root Manuscipt - Childsong (Reprise)   Tercan Yöresi Türküleri - Bulmak İsterisen Eğer Didarı   Tercan Yöresi Türküleri - Oğlan Adın Hürişen   Tesseract - Sunrise   Testament - Hatreds Rise   The Agonist - Rise And Fall   The Alan Parson Project - The Eagle Will Rise Again   The Anger Machine - Rise   The Cardigans - Rise And Shine   The Crucified - Rise   The Cult - Rise   The Frames - Rise   The Gathering - Forgotten Reprise   The Gathering - Second Sunrise   The Legion Of Hetheria - A Red Sun Rises   The Rolling Stones - Surprise, Surprise   The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganz - Cliff Burton Surprise   Therion - The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah   Thin Lizzy - The Rise And Dear Demise Of The Funky Nomadic Trib   This Day Forward - Arise   Thyresis - Risen   Today Is The Day - Rise   Tokyo Blade - Sunrise In Tokyo   Tom Mcrae - You Will Rise   Tortured Conscience - Modern Day Pharisees   Trails Of Anguish - Laments Of Martyrised Innocence   Triumfall - Rise Of Pantheon   Turisas - As Torches Rise   Turisas - Midnight Sunrise   Tyrant - Uprise   Ufo - Rise Again   Underlined - Within Destruction We Rise   Unisonic - We Rise   Upsidedown Cross - Coffin Of Surprises   Uriah Heep - Sunrise   Utumno - Sunrise   Vader - As The Fallen Rise Again   Vanessa Amorosi - Rise Up   Varathron - Birthrise Of The Graven Image   Various Artists - Reprise   Vendetta - Rise For Revolution   Vengeance Rising - Arise   Vicci Martinez - Sunrise   Vidsyn - Evil Rises Darkness Falls   Viper - Soldiers Of Sunrise   Viral Load - It Has Risen   W.A.S.P - The Rise   Wall Of Sleep - Far Away From Sunrise   War Of Ages - Rise From The Ashes   Watchmaker - Arise In Might   Waylander - Sunrise   We Are Scientists - Surprise   Whichheaven - Arise   William Mcdowel - Arise   Winterstorm - The Final Rise   Wiz - From The Ashes We Rise   Wodensthrone - Through The Flocks Of Sunrise   Wretched - Before The Rise   Xasthur - Surprise Surprise   Yes - Heart Of The Sunrise   Yngwie Malmsteen - Rise Up   Yves Larock - Rise Up   Zac Brown Band - Smoke Rise   Zeraphine - When Walls Arise   Zuba - Sunrise on the Road   Zucchero - Non Mi Avrai (Reprise)