Kenziner - Dreamer

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dreams of what you said would be
dreams that died so uselessly
dreams that died, dreams that died, dreams that died...yesterday
how well i remember, the words you spoke
of how we'd be, forever more
i've come to realize, the act you played
a tragedy of heart, you set the stage
everyday, i face the abandonment
leaving me with nothing but emptiness
why was i, sentenced to banishment
live or die, guilty or innocent
all the nights, the cold lomely nights
wondering why, i'm still alive
cries of the dreamer, dreams of how you said it would be
cries of the dreamer, mourning the loss of lost fantasy
you never told me that, you never loved me
youi just kept me around to bleed
you said you loved me but you never warned me
you just kept me for your needs
[repeat 3]
[repeat 5]
you never told me, you never loved me
[repeat 5]
[repeat 1]

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