King Diamond - The Jonah

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quot;after 7 years on a dusty shelf
the book seemed unreal
for 7 years in an ancient rhyme
the fate of a girl was sealedquot;

in the attic i was searching by the moonlight
what would i find
old and grey from dust i felt it staring back
oh that book

yellow pages caught my eyes, so unreal
through the dust of time
in an ancient rhyme the truth had been sealed
on a broken shelf it would all be revealed
it had been there for years
and no one ever knew

now break the spell and free the girl
from the candle of fate
look at the flame and say the rhyme
the end is near, no more pain, ah youre free
solo: mike - andy
as the candle melts away the spirit of the candle girl
emerges from the flame, she doesnt seem the sme
with a smile on her face she starts to speak
quot;hear my story:quot;

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