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[biggie samples: "it's all good" "gangster" "uh, uhh" - repeat for 21 seconds]

[lil' kim]
every word i utter, i feel strictly gutter
that's why i touch more green than tiger's putter
so you mad motherfuckers mutter what you wanna
i ain't worried 'bout none of ya and i'll say it in front of ya
i hear the snakes hiss, talking reckless
thought i'd let it go and i wouldn't stress it
haters in the street, y'all worse than the press is
and they all wanna hang like the charm on my necklace
i guess things just ain't the same for gangsters
how a snitch nigga make a record called "wankstas"
everything these haters do just to degrade ya
only made me strong, i say thanks for the favor
now the d.a., wanna give me time in the feds
i'm from brooklyn, i could do that time on my head
come down with my weave straight sitting on bread
at the gate, getting picked up in a new coupe phantom

[chorus one: lil' kim]
"it's all good" - if you driving or riding the bus
"it's all good" - in the struggle and the times is tough
"it's all good" - it don't matter you can ride with us
"it's all good" - it's all good
"it's all good" - if you hustling and hugging the block
"it's all good" - working 9 to 5, punching the clock
"it's all good" - it don't matter how you get that guap
"it's all good" - it's all good

[lil' kim]
see i know how it feel to wake up fucked up
pockets broke as hell, my nigga need bail
it's been a couple weeks and he been sitting in a cell
the only way to reach him through phone calls and mail
balloons stuffed with lah up in the chocha
now my man in the can getting money and getting high
he used to keep my fly he had the 6 i had the 5
so you know a chick gon' ride or die for her guy
at age 14 i was putting in work
at age 16 i was moving that work
getting paid for driving state to state
smuggling weight, praying i don't bump into jake
i traveled through a few places with the burners
in the suitcases, thank god for big
damn right i love the life i live
cause i went from negative to positive and it's all

[chorus two: lil' kim]
"it's all good" - niggaz run around stunting and fronting
"it's all good" - talkin shit but ain't saying nuttin
"it's all good" - it's aight cause they time is coming
"it's all good" - it's all good
"it's all good" - they hating on me but they copy my style
"it's all good" - cracked a smile when they saw me on trial
"it's all good" - you know you can't keep a good bitch down
"it's all good" - it's all good

[lil' kim]
cowards huff and puff but won't blow shit down
i come through like two airplanes in midtown
nigga my get back's the get down
hit the big nigga first and make the rest sit down
they all talk loud, when they see you they quiet down
faggots violated i wish they'd try now
just watch how they bitch up, story start to switch up
punks getting left off right where i pick up
picture in vogue, spring&summer issue
shoot game official like a ref with a whistle
you know when i do it i'm doing it monumental
leave you speechless kinda like an instrumental
they ask me if i know what true happiness is
do i ever feel regret for all the things i did?
hell no i love the life i live
cause i went from negative to positive and it's all

[chorus two] ..
[biggie samples] ..
[chorus one] ..
[biggie samples to end]

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