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lloyd banks]

i'm a warrior
man i never run never snitch i'm a grown man dog i ain't no bitch
a warrior
won't change cuz hes rich b4 i shit on my family id lie in a ditch
a warrior
won't fold under pressure he got a shell waitin in the hole if they test ya
a warrior
ill sacrifice it all if he has to react and think about it after
i'm a warrior

uh you heard right mothafucker my grandmama's daughter ain't raised no sucker.
heart full of pride and a head full of anger.
attitude of a winner infared for the danger.
even the paranoia of a female will change ya wakin up every mornin layin next 2 a stranga.
im on the move smooth with one aisle for the snakes we can't stand hearin ya name all through the states.
turn on the bet and watchin ya video pretendin 2 be ya friends the smart ones really no
so if thats ya man warn em cuz theres enough bullets in here 2 hit every nba patch on em.


nigga ride till i die the song i sing
you ain't ready 4 the war ill bring
you ain't gonna do a goddamn thing
and i ain't neva scared


goddamn ho here i go again the double l oyd get put on the iv tryin 2 try me
the new age ali the black c i g whose eyes
beside me i'm smooth as an isley sometimes i surprise me you can't even id as low as my eyes be.
i roll with the gangstas don't get fly with ya mouth.
the wrong punchline i have niggas inside of ya house.
nigga i'm doin good i made it outta the hood.
out in beverly hills no more bottles of wood.
this is it 4 that sticky california should whip me.
i done made it this far can't be mad if they hit me.


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