Lunocode - Crossing The Line

Lunocode - Crossing The Line mp3 indir

clear sky, silent beach
shining sun and pleasant heat
on my skin, on my face
the world is calm and peaceful

the sound of my footsteps on the soil
the sole sound flowing through the solid air

they should be singing now
those afternoon birds
while the sun is going down
but where are they now?

the sand is pleasantly hot still
as the stars are lighting up in the sky
now before my eyes
or in my eyes i see
light bulbs, lights, lights!

strange flares at the end of the world
lights! lights!
lights come and go
to the horizon or in my mind
while static becomes dynamic

the gray turns to color
the image is focused now
odd words, forms and correlations emerge
from the back of my mind
overwhelming me like a tidal wave

everything i see hides something else
billions and billions of things
i see patterns now
threads, semantic

now i know what's happening
i'm crossing the line

i've seen things, it has been like i was him
i've seen it all through his eyes
i've experienced the moment
of crossing the line
the dawn of consciousness
the sparkle of self-awareness
i've seen it all, now i know it all
it's all so clear now

the universe originates from the mind
the mind gathers energy
energy crystallizes into matter
amino acids, dna, atoms, molecules
the building blocks of life

matter organizes itself to create
a cradle for the mind
a birthplace for
and when the mind is born
it creates thought
and thought creates the universe

but a final question lies unanswered: consciousness, how could consciousness arise from matter?
does it exist forever, and just gather inside a brain, travelling from the edges of the universe, or is it perhaps a special structure, a specific organization of atoms in one's brain?

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