Lunocode - High

Lunocode - High mp3 indir

a strange sensation runs through my veins for the first time
i've never felt like this
i don't know what this means
i woke up in this cold place containing no-one but me

it's all so empty outside
between you and me
o blue and silent sun

and suddenly
everything is becoming weightless
my hands are floating in front of me and
i watch them paralyzed

a growing sense of panic
wraps around my throat
i just don't know what's happening
i just feel imprisoned here

i don't know what to do while
the blue sun transforms
into a pulsating light
getting closer and closer to me
i feel my chest exploding
and my eyes breaking into millions of shards

in every shard i see my face
before it breaks again

a rhythmic sound out of the dark
a drum from the depths of my heart
i see billions of shards floating around
by the rule of one hundred and thirty-seven

they form sequences unknown
and the blue sun transforms
and becomes an eye scanning darkly
through the eons
while i flow through it

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