Lunocode - Silent Thoughts

Lunocode - Silent Thoughts mp3 indir

another leaf is falling down
finally carried by the wind
another life is broken and
now it's useless to wonder
and after all the water is
so calm and blue as usual
when a bright ray of light
brings out a smile
but it's so cold

and every day that rises and fades away
i ask myself what my future's for
and you turn around and quietly walk away

in the rain that's pouring down
under the storm that's screaming all around
the sun dies in the fog and the darkest of skies
above us
just makes me feel it's the last day of the earth
the last struggle of my heart

and i can't think that there's anything after
there is nothing but the waves
what have you done? what have i said?
i just can't remember well

but it's so clear
there's nothing absurd
it's just a parenthesis
in the cycle of creation and
you're here surrounding me

we separate from each other and the world
just the time to ask questions and look around
and then we fall again
like a wave rising from the sea
is carried by the wind and then
returns and merges again with the ocean

all those words and things from my mind
helped me to feel good and sure
and i can think of you again
with a smile
and the wave rising from the sea
carried by the wind
returned and merged again with the ocean

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