Maxim - Dominant Genes

Maxim - Dominant Genes mp3 indir

walk the waves which i emanate
displace the threat of a bitter taste
i prove the relics of my onslaught
deny the truth and you will get caught
design, project, eclipse your minds eye
raise tension, cloud your fear barrier
fear carrier, the hallucinator, mind captivator the pace that i conjure
original, a miracle, a wonder
i fear the addict to my venom
rhythmics move, rock the pendulum
myself the slope, fuck the glorious
i've played with hope, she's notorious
grid locked within my prism
spitting flames of pure ismskilling your culture killing your culture
killing your culture killing your culture
creating culture creating culture
kiss immortal contracts
suicidal impactyou've been iced, my secrets sinister
i cast the shadow of a sorcerer

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