Maxim - Spectral Wars

Maxim - Spectral Wars mp3 indir

micro invisible, small and non-visual
gaslight the chemical, combust original
physical geometry, oracle rhyme mineral
emphasis the snatom, soul crack the atom
internal affecter, 85 detector
my optic analyse ghetto, supreme spectrum
glass profile the style, bling reflect
triple decks and levels, the tri-tech projection
i'm listening a diamond in the rough of my rhyme
shoot a beam for the need of a dig in the times
rhyme system os,99 sublime
hieroglyphs, science of death, mc design
let it be the main line in a text from vein to mind
let the chromosomes attack, simulate your fate
ship-shape in the matrix, rewind the date

i am the vector inspector mechanism
2000 reflect your spectral years are written

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