Patrick Wolf - Wolf Song

Patrick Wolf - Wolf Song mp3 indir

walk tall beneath these trees, boy
you monolith, not scarred by fallout
us wolves were right behind you
and lucifer will never find you, oh no

the moon, let it guide you
when selene comes, we'll all know how to fight
dear fenrir, my savior
come and eat the ones, we know who taste the best

i know just where you've been, boy
i've watched you by the stream
and don't be afraid of the dark
'cos the darkness is simply a womb for the lonely

swallow your pride
and walk with us through the trees and hills
oh yes, your english eyes, they are turning red
i, i, i, i, oh, i, i, i, i

the moon, let it guide you
and i shall find you a home in our heartland
a heart in our homeland
until the moon is down, until the moon is down

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