Roy Orbison - Sentimental

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i get so ooh sentimental
darling when it comes to you,
i'm just too ooh sentimental
and its breaking my heart in two.

i said a-hey,hey now
at the end of the day now,
i get carried away now
thinking of you, ooh

how you looked that night,
you kissed goodbye just right,
then turned away
and i miss you night and day.

hey,a-hey, hey now,
at the end of the day now,
i get carried away now,
thinking of you, ooh

who holds you tight?,
i wonder where you are,
are you alright
for you know, i still love you,

but i'm just so sentimental,
baby because of you,
yes i'm just too sentimental
and it's, breaking my heart in two...

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