Sedat - Eller Havaya

Sedat - Eller Havaya mp3 indir

gimme your love
gimme your love
come down
gimme your love gimme your love
that is the thing of what ı can't enough
love is the best no need to live ruff
tell all the people give all your love
ad we will rise to the top
l.o.v.e. unity me now say love and unity
love is the best for each and everybody
so lets get together and lives a party
friday night the mood is right
the club is jumpin is all tonight
steelos tight looking fly
we gon' raise the roof
all night
it's party time so free your mind
leave all that stress behind
let's celebrate let the dancefloor shake
oh it's about that time

hold on wait a minute
if you aint with it quit it
but if you feel it don't fight
don't stop get it get it

ey yo eller havaya
ey yo bütün millet burada
ey yo ey yo oh oh hep beraber eğlenelim
ey yo eller havaya
ey yo bütün millet buraya
ey yo ey yo oh oh hep beraber söyleyelim

mister dj won't you play
my song to make a party go heey!
this is your chance to get loose and dance we gonna party like it's your birthday
well it's about that time so free your mind
dance all that stress away
bounce,shake,move,swing dance
ooh yeah

bounce,shake,move,swing dance
bounce,shake,move,swing dance

gimme your love gimme all your lovindont want no more hate no more pushing
no more shoving ı
tell all the youth open the garden gate
ı tell you things would be nica
a lives will be great
gimme your lovin
ey gimme your lovin today
if we all believe we all go the same way
me come fie mash it up
and give my kough on the sound
so big up the youths
who spreas their lovin around

gimme your love
gimme your love love

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