Self - Hey, Deceiver

Self - Hey, Deceiver mp3 indir

amidst a sea of white houses
a train wreck maze of dirty pictures
lies on the floor
underneath the thick make-up
laughs a face of a girl who just got paid for

all the pretty things that she can do with
what she's got and what she's given
it's just another scary story to me

and you just can't help but question
if she ever listened to mother
because all the most vital lessons
went in one ear and out the other

artificial - pre-conceived
hey, deceiver - i'm relieved i am

now raise your head from the floorboard
poster children of the nineties your time has come
set your sights to the scoreboard
trailer park-channel-surfing monkey
who's side you on?

she could be a queen but now
she's selling her crown to montel williams
now what kind of life is that to lead

artificial - pre-conceived
hey, deceiver - i'm relieved i am

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