Shaggy - Angel mp3 indir

Shaggy - Angel

girl, you are my angel, you`re my darling angel
closer than my peeps you are to me, baby
shorty, you`re my angel, you're my darling angel
girl, you`re my friend when i`m in need, lady

life is one big party when you still young
but who`s gonna have you back when it's all done
it`s all good when you`re little, you have pure fun
can`t be a fool, son, what about the long run
looking back shorty always mention
said me not giving her much attention
she was there through my incarceratin
i wanna show the nation my appreciation

girl, you`re...

you`re a queen and so you should be treated
though you never get the lovin`that you need
could have left, but i called and you heeded
takein`a bearin`, mission completed
mama said that i and i dissed the programm
not the typ to mess around with her emotion
but the felling that i have for you is so strong
been together so long and this could never been wrong

girl, you`re

uh, uh
2x girl, in spite of my behavior(,well,) you are my savior
(you mustbe sent from up above)
and you appear to me so tender(,well,) girl i surrender
(said thangs for giving me your love)

now life is...

2x girl, you`re...

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