Trik Turner - Sacrifice

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from day to day i know that i’m in all of your conversations
you never have anything good to say about me
that’s ok cause everyone’s entitled to their own opinions
cause everyone’s a critic, and even on your best days
someone’s got something bad to say-
yet i ignore the things i hear, ignore the things i fear
and look past all that tries to bring me down
and i know that i don’t have much i
sacrifice a good life while i watch these bills keep adding
up and i know that i’m not getting any younger as another
year passes by-
i have to stop and wonder
if it’s all really worth the struggle
or that mirage of light i keep chasing at the end of the tunnel
will get any brighter
or will it just fade away the closer i get , the harder it seems
from reaching my dreams
and i just don’t know how much more i can
take before i give up and throw it all away-
when push comes to shove
you gotta hold on , you gotta be strong
and look for that light from above
cause everyone’s out to bring you down
and if you can’t keep your head up
then your lost-
i’ve seen better days been told better ways
how to live and how to give, it’s relative
i walk with sedatives it’s hell i live
and home is sweet, i’m killing myself softly
my reflections show deep infections
it’s hard to be, i look at myself, i look at this life
and all i feel is pain, god help me start again
i gotta keep on, i gotta keep on pushin’ cause i
some how some way keep comin’ up short
like everyday my minds playin’ tricks on me
everybody loves sunny days but i prefer
grey ones and long nights because when the
day comes, it’s just another 24 and i’m still numb
not so young i know what it takes, they say
roll with the brakes and slip them ties with the fakes
i still get them shakes just thinkin’ bout this
ish right here two dub two maybe this gonna be
that year-
everyone has to pay a price no matter what we sacrifice
i hope it’s worth it nothing is for certain

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