Uriah Heep - Pacific Highway

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tryin to make it back
to my old home town
ive been driving since
the break of dawn
got a feeling like a fever
burning in my brain
when i see her
itll be all gone

pacific highway
getting nearer now
and i feel like
the dream is coming true
pacific highway
getting closer now
i dont need directions
to find my way back to you

take another turning
on the old creek road
making sure i dont get lost
im hoping to hell
my tacos reading right
get ahead no matter
what the cost

tryin to take it easy
on the old home stretch
but city limits come into sight
im getting ready for my betty
god how i missed that girl
were rock-n-rollin
through the night

i dont need directions
to find my way back to you

i only got five more miles, yeah
only four more miles, yeah
i only got three miles, two miles
one mile to go

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