Visceral Disgorge - Necrocoprophagia

Visceral Disgorge - Necrocoprophagia mp3 indir

tonight i feast on rotten flesh and faeces, decaying anal cavities.
possessed by deranged tendencies.
unloading my bowels into your decrepit mouth.
i lust for the sweet smell.
i jerk my dick slathered in shit, their rotten holes i shall lick.
masticating deceased anal cavities.
splattered blood and shit encrusting my dick.
fondelling lifeless tits, ingesting rotting clits.
i start to devour this cadaver splattered in fecal matter.
soaked in blood and shit i begin feasting on the filth.
stimulating stench, engorging on excrement and rancid flesh.
i pull out my knife and cut her fucking head off.
molesting her decapitated head, exhilarating necrofellatio.
how i live to fuck the dead, ejaculating in the shit filled mouth of a severed head...
still bleeding in my hands.
gouging fingers dig into her scalp cold dead blood feels so good on my cock.
her decaying face stuffed with shit gets fucked, dripping with blood, and cum.

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